Huay Kha Kaeng, a world heritage of nature which area covered, Amphur Lansak, Amphur Huay Kot, Amphur Banrai also connecting with Toong Yai Naresuan area covering Amphur Sangkla, Amphur Thong Pha poom (Kanchanaburi) and Amphur Um Phang (Tak) approximate area is 3,609,375 Rais., Which is the biggest Sanctuary in South east Asia. There are rare wildlife such as wild buffaloes, tapirs, hornbills, peacock etc. There is a monument of Seub Nakasathien who is important for Huay Kha Khaeng environmental.

Entrance Fee

               Thai tourist : Child 10 Baht, Adult 20 Baht

               Foreigner tourist : Child 100 Baht, Adult 200 Baht

               Car 30 Baht, Bus 100 Baht

               Open 08.30 - 16.30 o'clock everyday For more information call 08-7840-0316